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After graduating high school in 1995 with a significant amount of embarrassingly cliched emotional baggage, Kevin "Subliminal White Trash" Pearce made his way to Toronto in a perfectly understandable attempt to outrun his past. After encountering many similarly desperate and stubbornly eccentric people, Kevin found his way into the acting and spoken word scenes. With an amazing and almost inhuman effort, Kevin somehow negotiated through his self destructive tendencies on his way to finding some kind of second rate enlightenment in his strange little world of reckless, impulsive creativity. After spending three years in Toronto, Kevin decided to return to the suburbs in order to preserve his diminishing supply of mental health. Sometimes he even thinks it was the right decision.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

the interpretation of a dream

On a path of accidental righteousness...holding my gravity towards a future consuming itself...stuck in a feedback loop draining energy out of a flawed structure processing useless information in the used to hold truth...trying to build a mythology based on abstract symbolism...putting my true self on display while at odds with the consequences of honesty...distorted pictures of distant places...the consensus of my being...taking hold of the moment while also spending time with old memories...slowly putting the puzzle together even if the outcome is unknown...what's the breaking point on this? things fell apart just before the climax...trying to decipher potential enemies while in a deep state of illusion of safety penetrated at will by strangers...digesting some misery but keeping the spirit intact...too many emotional decisions and not enough logical decisions...trying to find the kind despite your primitive instincts...a new way of interpreting thought...trying to find something quiet and strong that might last long....warning...false starts and misunderstandings are frequent...abort


Blogger Christian said...

This is one of the better pieces. Less of a rant and with more creative phrase choices.

4:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome P diddler

9:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

P Diddy ...sorry typo

2:34 PM  

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